"What is common to many is taken least  care of,  for all men have

greater regard for what is their own than for what they possess in common with others." - Aristotle

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Davis Mountains and the Trans Pecos Region


That's Texas. That's the definition of the DMTPHA state of mind.

Freedom is important and the strength of convictions still demands bravery. The members of the

Davis Mountains Trans-Pecos Heritage Association recognize that change is inevitable. DMTPHA

works to assure that the future brings constructive change, built upon our heritage and the wise

use of natural resources. In times past, neighbors came together for barn raisings, cattle

gatherings and camp meetings. Today the need for neighbors to come together is greater than ever.


The Davis Mountains Trans-Pecos Heritage Association has been working on the following issues and threats that could have serious impacts to our property rights. We have studied these issues, attended their meetings, submitted comments and are trying to educate our members about them. It is an ongoing task to keep informed and to keep you informed.

Together we can make a difference. Won't you join us today?

Phone: (432) 837-3461

Email: member@dmtpha.org

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